Sampler Bin Continued...

Miss rifling through record bins? Welcome to our virtual stacks. Featuring both THEMED COMPILATIONS and SINGLE ARTIST PLAYLISTS presented in easy-to-listen, easy-to-download jukeboxes.  Just click on a pic.

With few exceptions, songs are pre-cleared -- NO PUBLISHERS, NO LABELS -- so quotes are fast and affordable. Jukeboxes highlight fresh, emerging artists who span alternative, indie pop, singer-songwriter, space folk, rock, alt country, gypsy slacker and the occasional groovy underscore. We're not so much about specific genres as unique perspectives and chops. Happy Listening!

Featured Artists
To hear more, including ADVANCE RELEASES, and inquire about licensing, music searches and custom demos, please go to or contact:
Pat Weaver / Los Angeles
P: 323-363-2297

Lei Jonette Small / Amsterdam
P: +31 (0) 645 385 082
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