Bad Ass Ballads, Big & Small

Everybody has a story. Sometimes it's just best to let others tell it for you. From Balkan beat poetry to raw country heartache, gospel falsetto to gypsy funk, these voices paint the stories of our lives with the elegant touch of an old soul. Some even manage to do it wordlessly.

Acoustically-driven, epically-conceived, our playlist travels from powerhouse anthems to the quietest of laments. Featured are 3 Bad Ass ADVANCE TRACKS that include the soulful gospel blues of NANCY KAYE (Athens, GA), the seductive Old World grace of BRANKO GALOIC (Croatia) and a haunting, blues-fueled anthem from PAUL CASEY (Ireland). In addition, recent tracks include chilling, blue-eyed soul from RACOON (UK), the infectious gypsy funk of SUPERCITY (Amsterdam) and a heartfelt duet for the times from THE RECKONERS (Vancouver). And here at home, the yearning falsetto of JOSH GARRELS, a heavenly ode to alienation from CREATURE COMFORT, lonesome, stark country from BOB CORBIN, a pop anthem for adults from DANIEL & THE LION and master Appalachian story-tellers LADIES GUN CLUB. These voices share a soulful camaraderie reminding us of the ties that bind, the ties that break and the poetry in between.

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