Lost in the Chill

In the elegant world of TUNDRA VOLE, organic textures mingle with fuzzed-out, pulsing electronics; otherwise gentle rhythms bristle under weightless melodies that want to have no end. Tundra Vole's new self-titled CD evokes the sounds of life, macro and micro, pressing invariably towards the nearest open space.

Otherwise known as composer Chris De Souza from Yellowknife, NWT, Canada, Tundra Vole highjacks our loftier imaginations with 11 percolating instrumental tracks that lift us just above the fray with cinematic ease. This fluid 46-minute collection borrows from influences as broad as Debussy, Phillip Glass, Thomas Newman and Daniel Lanois, transitioning from the restless to the quiet with nary a blink. Equally intriguing are De Souza's cinema-style cue titles, our favorite being "The Failing Eyes of John Kiszkan Mattered Not." Story at 11.

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WARNING: This music has been known to induce bouts of rampant wistfulness when tested on tundra voles.

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