Who knew the Dutch were so blessed at creating American Roots Music? We offer the upcoming release from Amsterdam's RACOON as a case-in-point.

Recently relocated to London, Racoon celebrate their 6th (!) release, LIVERPOOL RAIN, featuring the convincingly earnest (and English) vocals of Bart van der Weide. Elegantly supported by rootsy arrangements that include R&B horn stabs and growls, soaring strings (compliments of the London Chamber Orchestra at Abby Road) and smart lyrics with an undertow of ache, these 12 songs evoke a hopeful world-weariness just right for our world gone restless.

CLICK on a song title to hear 5 Pre-Release Tracks; CHECK to download.
To request a download of the FULL CD, EMAIL US.

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US: Pat Weaver
Los Angeles, CA

EUROPE: LeiJonette Small
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
31 (0) 645 385 082

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