Pop Haunts: A Sneak Peak at the new EP from BRANDI EMMA

They say the journey's not so much about the destination as it is about the people you invite to go with you. Life is a collaborative process, afterall.

Brandi Emma first worked with UK's Tom Livemore a few years back on her instant alt-country torch classic, Let It Go . The song was never released, but sat itching with anticipation as Brandi experimented with other writer/producers. Happily for all of us, Brandi and Tom ultimately harkened to the muse and reunited to add four more songs -- all stellar bits of folk-inspired pop intimacy with heart and soul.

Welcome to PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY, Emma's brand new EP featuring 5 original tunes whose evocative, wistful insights are well-supported by the elegant understatement of Livemore's warm, gently propulsive touch.

But don't take our word for it. Check things out first-hand. Just click on a song to hear; check to download. OR DOWNLOAD ALL AT ONCE BY CLICKING HERE.

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Happy listening!

US: Pat Weaver
Los Angeles, CA


EUROPE: LeiJonette Small
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
31 (0) 645 385 082



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