This Pop's For You??

Part of growing up is taking our inevitable angst in stride. And no one does it with quite the same bubbly zeal as JASPER SLOAN YIP. His bleak, soul-sucking revelations all but frolic in the home-spun bounce of Cajun grooves and ska shuffles, letting Yip bear his dark soul without missing a beat.

Click on a song to hear highlights from Yip's first studio effort, Every Day And All At Once, produced by Tom Dobrzanski (Said The Whale, We Are The City ) and featuring the sunny pop brilliance of new bandmates Mark Brichon on bass/banjo/lap steel, Graham Serl on drums, Stephanie Chatman on violin and John Tanner on keyboards.

Following a year of solo travel about the globe, Yip's world weariness shows in his brightly honest, bag o'bones take on alienation, doubt...basically, finally discovering who you are and feeling crappy about it. Then bouncing back to tell the tale.
Half-empty never felt so half-full.

I pay my bills, I cook my meals, I take my time, I drag my heels.
I've come to know real silence in this old and empty house.
And I've come to learn of all these things that I can live without.

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