SONG BITES: Songs for Selling Things Volume 2

If you live in a world where 60 seconds is a luxury and
15 seconds the norm, then you'll dig our SONG BITES
. Even if a bevy of song pluggers (wretched term, that) has delivered cuts that sound just like the music on that washing machine ad your client loves, wading through entire tracks is not always fun.

We've culled a variety of music from independent artists and advanced the cursor for you, zeroing in on the sweet spot with 30 to 60ish excerpts that make for quick impact. To download Full Versions of the song to slice and dice yourself, please click: I WANNA DO IT MYSELF.

and their artists available for CUSTOM SCORING via And, of course, there's more where these came from. Maybe even something that sounds like that washing machine ad.

Click on a track to hear, check to download. Happy snacking.

To hear and download previous jukeboxes,
try our SAMPLER PLATTER. And for inquiries about custom demos or music supervision, please contact Pat or Lei.

US: Pat Weaver
Hollywood, CA

EUROPE: LeiJonette Small
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
31 (0) 645 385 082

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