Tripping the Light Bittersweet

We're happy it's a new decade and all, but until we see the sun and little bloomy things on the trees, we're holing up inside with our wooliest socks and restorative of choice.

Welcome to our Rainy Day collection of 12 moody-cool, alt-pop tracks that trip the light bittersweet. Featuring tracks from Amsterdam's AWKWARD I, Vancouver's JORDY BIRCH, UK's BUDAPEST WITH JOHN GARRISON and California's own SLINGS, TODD HANNIGAN, NADIA FAY, ALEXIS HARTE, LATCH KEY KID, NY's OVERNIGHT and Portland's inimitable JOSH GARRELS who ends our set on a happy note. Flannel never had it so good.

Just click on a song title to hear, check to download.

All tracks are PRE-CLEARED and available for licensing through LakeHouse Sound. For a zip file or CD of these tracks or inquiries about less bittersweet music, contact Pat or Lei. Or visit our website at for more on licensing and custom music.

Thank you for listening.

US: Pat Weaver
Hollywood, CA

EUROPE: LeiJonette Small
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
31 (0) 645 385 082

For our sentiments on digital overload, click HERE for a video by our good friend Holmes. You will navigate away from our jukebox, so save this for last.

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