With a Bang or Maybe a Whimper

No car horns, no dialogue, no music edits or distracting visuals. The End Credit Song is possibly the most coveted piece of real estate in a picture. It holds our hand as we re-enter reality -- helping the story and images resonate as we get on with our lives.

LakeHouse Sound celebrates this intimate moment with a wildly diverse array of tracks (OK, mostly moody). We invite you to sit in a dark room and imagine what story might precede our picks for Songs We Think Might Be Great While You Are Walking Out of a Theatre.

Tracks include ADVANCE RELEASES from Chris Bejole and Tyler Steele. Additional artists include our brothers overseas -- Gavin Glass (Ireland), Supercity (Amsterdam) and John Garrison (UK) along with SoCal's own TerraPlane Sun, Latch Key Kid, Lisbeth Scott, The Cousin Lovers, Danielle Bisutti with Dan Weniger and Oregon's incomparable Josh Garrels (who provides our bonus 13th track).

All tracks are PRE-CLEARED and available for licensing through LakeHouse Sound.

For downloads or a CD of these tracks, info on these and other LakeHouse artists or inquiries about licensing, custom scoring or music supervision, please contact Pat or Lei. Or visit our website at www.LakeHouseSound.com.

Thank you for listening.

US: Pat Weaver
Hollywood, CA


EUROPE: LeiJonette Small
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
31 (0) 645 385 082


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